May 29, 2017

More Marvel for DCA, Prime Pandora, Promising Pirates

Now that Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout is a bonafide hit, its a safe bet that the already leaked plans for a Marvel themed expansion happen sooner than later. California Adventure will finally begin expansion in earnest after a long wait from the opening of the 2.0 remake which brought us Cars Land and Buena Vista Street. It's about time. 

The photo above is making rounds on the web, photographer unknown. Found text to the Tower - I mean power plant fortress- is a small piece of eye candy promising future Avengers attractions. Anyone who has read the articles and blogs and discussion boards knows Disney cannot use Marvel's key characters in Florida. California wins again, showing another reason why the Disneyland Resort will be the place for theme park fans to vacation for decades to come. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it all and the placement of these particular film properties in Disney parks there, but I have no doubt, it will be successful. With Star Wars Land at Disneyland, Marvel in California Adventure and a resort expansion coming, the suits will find the original Kingdom to be a long term money-maker, never again to be left to rot as under the days of Paul Pressler. 

Across the States over at Animal Kingdom, Pandora's another breakout smash. The Imagineers, the suits, and Joe Rohde are enjoying a very successful opening and positive word of mouth on a project many thought to be out of place, me included. From what I can see, there's not many animals in this kingdom, but the lush flora and fauna do seem to bring a beautiful fantasy element to a gorgeous park. As the quality of attractions in the park seems to go up and up, it's time for Expedition:Everest to see a repaired yeti and time to finally say goodbye to Chester and Hester. Neither can happen too soon.

The above nighttime photo is from Blog Mickey. It's an absolute stunning photo as is but even more spectacular when you click on it to see it full size. The photo report is one of the best on the web. 

Bit the bullet and saw Pirates 5 last night. In IMAX, not worth the extra expense. Promising beginning with some old school Jack Sparrow swagger (humor and action) and an eerily effective villain. The storyline remains fairly clear, but I had to wonder when the writers will run out of legends and myths of the sea to exploit. Seeing it, I was reminded a bit of Indy 4. With much promise came a healthy dose of weak closure to it all as the emphasis shifted away from the beloved Captain to other characters. Whether or not attendance and financial returns mandate another chapter in the series, fans need something better than this to close out the saga. I hope it happens. As with many, the original remains the best.

There's much more to say on the Disney front, especially after D23.  In the meantime, enjoy your Memorial Day and thank God for the brave men and women who gave their lives to keep us free.

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