April 27, 2017


Translation: Karen Carpenter at Disneyland. At the Tomorrowland Stage to be specific. She and brother Richard were performing in 1974, while their hit single Please Mr. Postman was number one around the world, just a few months prior to the release of their new disc, Horizon. A mesmerizingly instant classic. Containing Only Yesterday, Solitaire, and the definitive version of the Eagles' classic Desperado, the collection shows off their God-given talents with an entirely new maturity. Yet the album also marks the beginning of the end of their days at the peak of the sales charts.

The Carpenters were beloved in their nearby hometown of Downey, California. As most of her fans know, Karen was a huge fan of Disneyland and Mickey Mouse. The duo was arguably at the top of their game (the World) in this season with a seemingly endless string of hit singles, monster albums and sold out concert tours on every continent. What a gifted duo they were!

(Photographer unknown.)

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