December 9, 2016

Epcot Placeholder

Not Epcot Placemaking, mind you! That project is continuing put on hold.

Here's Imagineer Herb Ryman's absolutely iconic look at what EPCOT Center was indeed to be. This piece of concept art is still a work that stuns, inspires, and now- to any EPCOT Center fan- disappoints. Yes, disappoints. It's a bitter reminder of an incredible past. A park that took two full days to experience the attractions and not just the shops, restaurants, and bars.

Journey into Imagination, World of Motion, Horizons. Classic. Forward Thinking. Beautiful. Some of the best work Disney has ever done. But that was then.

Theme park fans loved EPCOT Center, and you can still find many articles on it. On this blog alone, there's over 300 posts discussing the park, sharing a bit of history, and tons of rare concept art.

What will it take to save the park and bring it back to it's glory days? You can find that here as well.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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