August 12, 2016

Is Dubai Disneyland on the Way?

With the first stage of Dubai Parks and Resorts opening October 31, can a version of Disneyland Dubai be far behind? The concept art for it is all over the web (and I should know as I first shared it in 2014). 

My guess to the question is "No". Why? First, with Legoland there and the inevitable Six Flags and Universal Studios, I can't imagine Disney will offer their product in a place that puts them at the same level as their competitors in the minds of travelers. Which is exactly what would happen if they do go there. 

Cars Land and Star Wars Land for the desert. 
Two of many, many pieces I have now shared all over the web.

Secondly, Shanghai Disneyland has just premiered, and my bet is the suits and the public are finding there is much more work behind the scenes in making this really work in addition to what's needed to keep it going. Including necessary expansion straight away.

Lastly, with Star Wars Land and Pandora World of Avatar- not to mention upcoming projects based on Marvel and Frozen, Disney is finally taking an active role in the competition for the buck. Their parks will soon once again offer compelling reasons to "do Disney". And just in the nick of time.

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