August 3, 2016

Disney To Remove The Great Movie Ride- Mickey on the Way?

Yes, it's true. Sad but true. Very trusted sources on the WDWMagic boards have confirmed it is on its way out. With the changeover of Tower of Terror to Guardians of the GalaxyMaelstrom to Frozen Ever After, Star Wars Land at Disneyland park, and now this, Robert Iger and company have shown us repeatedly that theme no longer matters at the Disney parks. It's all about promoting the latest hot properties.

A great video of this classic attraction.

Why does the removal of The Great Movie Ride matter? I'll write on that later, but for now, you'll get a glimpse of it by reading my very detailed history of Disney's Hollywood Studios at 25 years old. This massive posts includes rare concept art, vintage photographs from 1989, details on what was almost built, and much, much more. Go here and enjoy.

UPDATE: According to WDWNews Today, it seems Mickey Mouse himself is the focus of the new attraction opening 2019. (It was hinted at by a WDWMagic insider back in 2013!) So, now all is clear: The new Studios park is all about Disney properties and not films and filmmaking in general. 

Mickey's quite a surprise choice! I'd love to see the Great Movie Ride updated and a new Mickey attraction. Disney's got the space- and certainly the money.

Disney's Imagineers once had a different concept for a Mickey attraction. Artwork here.


Prescott Ryker said...

I'm originally a long time Disneylander, but I finally made my first trip to Walt Disney World last year. While I really enjoyed Spaceship Earth and the Great Movie Ride, there was something lacking to me vs. the classic animatronic ride throughs like Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and Small World. I dont quite know what it is, there is something that was achieved with those that while certainly products of their times remain fresh and well timeless. The nearest I can think of is it is the presence of a continuous soundtrack of music, either that or having not grown up with them I simply did not have the built in attachment to them. I'm really not sure, I was really impressed with the advance in animatronics and the detail of the backgrounds, something that well really did not continue as much at Disneyland. Still it is a shame to see them go, as there just isn,t anything like that left, the sort of slower, thoughtful animatronic ride through/omnimover type experience outside the classic "three".

Mark Taft said...

Those two attractions do feel different. For me, they are both great- but I find the more consistent the theme (Pirates, ghosts) helps in making them instantly a classic. The music certainly plays a part! Something lacking from the Studios attractions but not from the classic Epcot attractions at opening.