August 10, 2016

Design Detail: Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland

The new attractions may have been less than what was desired, but there is no denying the amount of design detail put in by the Imagineers when it came to building the Magic Kingdom's truly beautiful New Fantasyland

Take a close look of the entrance to the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Really- go ahead. I left it in a very large size. Good friend and gifted photographer Len Yokoyama captured the nuances found in each of the pieces. The rock work, the statues of "beastly" animals, the glasswork and the tile mosaics. It's all there. Granted, you have to have a reservation to get this up close and personal, but from afar or close up, it's a work of art.

Do you love Len's photos and trip reports as much as I do? If so, stay tuned as he'll next take us on a journey to the Disneyland Resort and beyond. (I can't wait to see his photos of Cars Land!) Coming soon.

(Photograph copyright Len Yokoyama.)


Len said...

My gosh! Have I been away from this wonderful blog that long? I'm catching up on a ton of your postings, but thank you for the kind words. You're always a hard act to follow, so I'm feverishly working on processing my photos and kicking around some ideas for the articles. Okay, Im back to enjoy more of your excellent blog! God bless!

Mark Taft said...

Looking forward to them!