July 27, 2016

It's a Small World Bonus Items

Sometimes non-Disney geeks don't know what they own. This rare It's A Small World music CD was given to my wife as a handout parting gift - a giveaway item intended to be a very small token of appreciation for attending an event. 

Of course, she brought it home to me. I was surprised by this 2006 disc with its charming illustrations by artist Joey Chou. The music itself is 14 minutes of music beginning with the famous Disneyland clock tower counting off the minutes. Just listening to it brightened a gloomy afternoon, bringing me right back to Fantasyland

Classic art by Imagineering great Mary Blair.

As my own "bonus gift" to you reading this post, above is a piece of rare concept art by the wonderful Imagineer Mary Blair. To my eyes, it looks like a piece created for the 1964 World's Fair version of the Pepsi Cola sponsored attraction. 

Yes, It's A Small World remains one of my favorite attractions. In a world gone crazy, the lyrics and theme remind jaded humans all over that we really are to love and appreciate one another. Something, perhaps, that is not appreciated by the Chinese who laid out the plans for Shanghai Disneyland- being the first Disney Magic Kingdom park not to feature this attraction.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Prescott Ryker said...

In thinking about all the "classics" missing from Shanghai Disneyland....and the fact that some(or similar attractions) are in relatively nearby Hong Kong Disneyland or even Tokyo Disneyland perhaps it was part of a strategy to drive attendance to all three Asian parks? Although I don't doubt the Chinese government heavily influenced the attraction roster.

Mark Taft said...

Prescott, I am sure you are 100% correct about creating three very distinct resorts, each with unique attractions. I never thought of that!