July 25, 2016

From the Galaxy to South Dakota

Last week was quite the Disney news week! Returning from my not so long absence, I discovered that Disney finally announced the transformation of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in California Adventure into a Guardians of The Galaxy attraction. The rumor first broke due to the insights of WDWMagic's own WDW1974 aka Spirit. Long before other bloggers claimed it as their own, I might add.

The old rugged cross.

Where was I? South Dakota. It wasn't a vacation, but I was able to take it a few of the sites after our work was done. Beautiful land even though we saw the harshness of it as well... in the middle of 100 degree plus days. 

The coming sunset.

Carhenge. Really.

 Mt. Rushmore. 

After being gone, it was good to come home to my loving wife. And air conditioning...

(Photographs copyright Mark Taft.)

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