April 15, 2016

Another Tree of Life

Disney's beautiful Animal Kingdom may be the crown jewel of the Florida parks. With Disney's Hollywood Studios a mess, Epcot losing its way, and the Magic Kingdom being reproduced in every Disney resort worldwide, Imagineer Joe Rohde's baby could soon become the very reason people travel to Florida to "do Disney". 

This piece of concept art admittedly took quite a bit of work to make viewing it easier. I found it in very small scale with colors askew, but I thought it was worth the effort to show off a different option of the Tree of Life than what was finally built. Certainly, this version is much less spectacular but still charming.

With the World of Avatar / Pandora and Rivers of Light coming in the next year, it is going to get very busy in this beautiful Oasis. Floating mountains to giant trees to Expedition: Everest, the place is only getting better! Hope the suits are ready...

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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