January 28, 2016

A Rat's Life

A wonderful film, a beautiful soundtrack. Ratatouille continues to be a Pixar film I just love! It's almost ten years old now, but the adventure of rat chef Remy in the kitchens of Paris has all the makings of a classic. Michael Giacchino's score evokes evenings in the City of Light without coming across as too sweet a valentine or as a mockery. One listen to "Dinner Rush" sums up the entire soundtrack rather nicely. French recording artist Camille brings just the right flavor to "Le Festin", an original number you'd swear was a classic tune from years ago.

If there was ever an attraction to make me want to visit the miserable Walt Disney Studios in Paris again, this is it. I'd even take it in World Showcase at Epcot- as long as it did not replace the old but lovely Impressions de France. (Toons are already in the park. I'm just going with the flow...)

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