December 11, 2015

Music That Rocks- And Doesn't

Like live music? Me, too! And I've seen some great and some horrible concerts in my time. Here's a quick recap:

Queen- 1977 Tour, Los Angeles. The band was tight, and Freddie Mercury sounded as great live as in the studio. Smoking version of the classic Jail House Rock as finale. One of my favorite concerts ever.

Four Tops/ Freda Payne- 1977 or so, Las Vegas. Great Motown night!

Peter Frampton- Also about 1977. One hour acoustic, one hour electric. Premiered Signed, Sealed, Delivered. My favorite Frampton cut to this day. Just before the release of the "I'm In You" album.

Carpenters- 1976, 1977, and 1978, Las Vegas. As my friends in UK would say "Brilliant". Karen sounded great. Met she and Richard back stage in 1976. Very nice people and wonderful musicians. Karen was just so warm. Richard surrounded by a group of hot blondes. The bad press they got for their music was unjustified.

Kenny Rogers/Crystal Gayle- About 1986, Orange County, CA. Both in top form.

Marilyn McCoo- About 1990, Denver. With an orchestra. Lovely. Her generation's Whitney Houston before Whitney's downslide.

Amy Grant / Gary Chapman- 1995, Denver. With the kids. Gary was a great musician. Amy was not bad on the guitar, and she was very friendly and relaxed with the audience. Vocally very strong, stronger than I expected. House of Love was great. Nice job, Amy.

Olivia Newton-John- 1982, Los Angeles and 1997 Denver. Way better live than you'd expect. Special thanks to my wife for both concerts' tickets. She's not threatened one iota! 

Sting- 2011, Denver. At Red Rocks with orchestra. Father's Day gift from the kids. JUST INCREDIBLE.

BAD Concerts- Led Zepplin- Robert Plant and crew too stoned to play or sing well. Waste of money.
Genesis- Bad sound. Pre- Phil Collins on vocals.

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