October 15, 2015

Seasons of the Garden

What a beautiful Fall! Or Autumn, if you prefer. It's been hot, hot, hot- and the sun has been creating havoc in my backyard. But, oh the colors!

My ivy seems to bring out most of the reds in the yard. It's quite a sight. I remember planting this years ago, when it was just one little plant which I hoped would crawl up the fence. Now it's taken over the back fence and bursting over the top of it. Providing a great show every year for folks walking by as well as for those of us in the yard. That is, as long as an early snow doesn't kill it.

From the top of the hill in our yard. We sit on 1/3 of an acre. Not much by Colorado standards, but quite a bit for those of us from California- and a lot to mow. 

There was just grass and not a shred of anything else when we moved in years ago. Everything was hand planted. I remember praying over each little twig of a shrub or tree with my preschoolers, asking God to bless it.

You may have noticed a few trees dying now. After all these years, we have what folks call a "mature" garden. I've had to say goodbye to several trees this year- and I've done it with some sadness. 

Twenty six years we have lived here, more than anywhere else my wife or I have ever lived in any house. We've seen numerous patio parties, our eldest daughter's wedding here, apple picking with the grandkids and more. It's been good and rich and blessed by the Lord. 

Now I watch my grandsons climb in the trees or my granddaughters swing in the hammock- and it makes me smile. My lovely French maternal grandmother- (tribute here) who was only educated until second grade due to a family tragedy where she had to raise her younger siblings after her mother died- used to say "Life is a wheel", and so it is. I wish she could see me with my grandkids. It would make her smile.

Days happen that I anxiously await eternity with Jesus, but many days, I thank Him for the years I'm seeing and the years in the past. He's been so good and faithful to me, even in the hardest things in life!

(Photographs copyright Mark Taft.)

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