October 7, 2015

Four New Attractions at Tokyo Disneyland

Hot breaking news from Tokyo Disneyland! The great site TDR Explorer, links to a very detailed breakdown of the planned attractions, restaurants, and shops soon to be added for the park's New Fantasyland. Of course, attractions planned from the films are a must- and Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland and more will be represented in the very large expansion. 

The source reveals a coded list:
Total of 11 buildings (English Translation):
  1. 2 Story Water Ride (Attached to a Restaurant(?))
  2. 1 Story Attraction with Basement
  3. 2 Story Dark Ride
  4. Single Story Dark Ride (FastPass?)
  5. 3 Story Theatre with Basement
  6. 2 Story Restaurant with Basement
  7. 2 Story Restaurant
  8. 2 Story Shop
  9. Single Story Store
  10. 3 Story Cast Member Cafeteria (Break Room)
  11. Single Story Electrical Building
If you want to read more about what insiders say is coming, go here.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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