August 13, 2015

Disney Park Enhancements: Sometimes Bigger Is Better

We're getting close to D23 now, aren't we? And if you're like me, you can't wait to hear all about the upcoming changes to the theme parks! But I remember a time when I was a kid, and Walt Disney World was on the horizon. In that pre-internet season, a fan had to rely on combing magazines and newspapers for any tidbit of information.

The Great Ceremonial House, the building which was to hold the Enchanted Tiki Birds/Tiki Room, and the enormous Cinderella Castle gave me a slight indication of the grand scale with which the eastern Magic Kingdom would be constructed. So different and dazzling compared to the smaller and more cozy scale of Disneyland. I couldn't wait to see it in person!

There's just something about an old school attraction redone for a new kingdom that thrills a long time fan. Be it Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris, to reimagine an old classic just brings a sense of great anticipation to me. A fresh promise of classic aspects of the park viewed through a news lens. Mystic Manor in Hong Kong. A new take on Tower of Terror. (OK, we'll give them a pass on that last one.)

Sometimes the thrills come from looking at an entire kingdom in a brand new way: The re-Imagineering of Adventureland at Shanghai Disneyland. The certain to be magnificent Tron Light Cycles

Often the biggest rushes of excitement are derived from the largest construction projects: Everest at Animal Kingdom, Cars Land at California Adventure- and I hope, Avatarland /Pandora and Star Wars.  What will they premier this weekend? We'll know soon enough... and come back tomorrow for one last look at what the future may hold.

(Concept art copyright Walt Disney Company.)

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