July 16, 2015

One More: Peter Pan's Flight in Shanghai- Tangled Too!

As a nice contrast to Hong Kong Disneyland where its not on the attractions list, Shanghai Disneyland will in fact invites its guests for a journey to Neverland aboard Peter Pan's Flight.

The pirate galleons in this Fantasyland are rumored to be connected using a new ride system supposed designed for the unbuilt Monsters Inc. coaster. That thrill ride was on the boards for the woeful Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida, but abandoned when the expense to do so got in the way.

It's location in Fantasyland, stage left.

Interesting to see all the new ride systems and technology being using in the Mainland China park! After seeing the opening of Hong Kong' park, certainly the local business partners were adamant that this one be: 

1- Stunningly different from other Magic Kingdoms, 
2- Full of the best in themed entertainment in both attractions and shows, and 
3- Using the most up to date technology possible. (And without an Omnimover in sight!)

Love Tangled? Peter Pan is not the only animated classic represented in the park! Look below.

Fans of Tangled have a reason to travel to Shanghai Disneyland! Could it be the famous - and beautiful- lantern scene will appear in the Crystal Grotto? That is yet to be revealed-below. However, the Snuggly Duckling tavern, home to the I've Got A Dream sequence in the film, will be the place to eat in Fantasyland.

Click on the beautiful artwork above for your answer to the Tangled question. In the lower right hand corner, you'll find Eugene and Rapunzel in their boat surrounded by lanterns. It should look beautiful at night!

For now and the foreseeable future, all we will get Stateside is a set of restrooms and a meet and greet with Flynn Rider! Rumors persist that clones of Chinese attractions will make their way, but don't count on it. Ever. For now, lots of photos in Spring 2016 will have to do.

It all goes to show: When you wish upon a star- and force Disney's hand for the very best it can offer- your dreams do come true!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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