June 27, 2015

Love Wins

The United States Supreme Court has decided that same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Those folks that are disagreeing with the decision say its not the court's place to decide or are opposed on grounds of their traditional understanding that God designed marriage for one man and one woman, referencing both the Old and New Testaments that make up the Bible.

Those celebrating the court's decision say "Love Wins", claiming marriage is only a legal bond between two people of any gender, and the availability of the institution should be made for all.

I say "Love Already Won". And it won two thousand years ago, when the supreme act of love was taken by Jesus Christ to die on the cross for the sin of all mankind, making a way to eternal life for all who would turn away from their sin, trust in Him and His work on the Cross before being raised from the dead, and choose to live a life that honors God by following the law he gave.

What constitutes civil rights will change from county to country, decade to decade. God's Word and his law are eternal - in fact through the Ten Commandments, He did legislate morality- and He does not change. 

In spite of where you stand on the issue of gay marriage, the most important question we will ever have to answer still remains: Jesus asks "Who do you say I am?" 

Your answer and the relationship you do or don't have with the creator of the universe, the only one who paid the price for your sin and mine, is the first and most important relationship you need to have settled. Everything else is important but secondary. 

How you handle this decision and how you love people, even those you disagree with,  will show whether or not real love has won in your life. End of story. 

Here's a good video from Dr. Michael Brown discussing God's love for ALL people, including the gay community. 20 Minutes worth your time- minus the slightly dorky music...


David from L.A. said...

"Who do you same I am?"

I believe you meant to say "Who do you SAY I am?"

Nonetheless, well written post.

Cheers -

Mark Taft said...

Corrected! Thanks, David!