May 2, 2015

Grizzly Peak Airfield Nearing Completion

At the opening of California Adventure in 2001, there was much to complain about but also bits to like. I fell into both sides of the debate. However, Condor Flats was one of the areas in the park that I really enjoyed. And who couldn't love the amazing Soarin' Over California? It brought this man to tears by the end of it. 

With the transformation of the park into something really worthy of the Disney name, Condor Flats was on the chopping block to be remade into the Grizzly Peak Airfield, effectively increasing the size of the are once known as The Golden State.

Thanks to local fan and photographer Mint Crocodile at the terrific Magic Eye website, we get a glimpse of the almost completed project. Take a look here. It's nearing completion and will be a great addition to an increasingly beautiful second park.

(Photograph copyright Mint Crocodile.)

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