February 4, 2015

Richard Carpenter Continues On

Although his sister Karen Carpenter died this day over thirty years ago, brother Richard Carpenter continues to oversee the duos recordings. He's sort of in and out of the media now. Perhaps that will change when the Carpenters hit their 50th year anniversary in the music business. Certainly a duo this successful - the top American act of the 1970s- deserves a special commemorative compilation... with maybe a few of those unreleased songs from the vaults of A&M Records.

A 2013 photo with singer Petula Clark shows him looking good and quite happy with his life; a life that includes a wife, Mary, and five children.

Want more Carpenters? This blog has over 60 articles which offer a review of each Carpenters album, from 1969's Offering/Ticket to Ride to 2004's As Time Goes By. There's also tons more photos, Top Ten lists, and other bits and pieces. Search away!

(Photograph copyright Getty Images.)

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