February 27, 2015

Leaving Epcot

EPCOT Center holds some of my fondest Disney memories. Like many other people, it is the first "second gate" Disney park I ever experienced, and it firmly set in my mind what parks next to the Magic Kingdoms should be when it comes to substance and presentation. Emotionally, I connect with this park as being a place my young wife and I always enjoyed from top to bottom. In a sense, even though we only visited every six or seven years, EPCOT Center was always the main attraction while we were guests at Walt Disney World. It never disappointed in those early years as it was filled with some of the best attractions ever designed by Walt Disney Imagineering.

I absorb most all I can read on the place. And now, Disney Avenue presents a terrific first of many pieces look at this once very remarkable and truly magica grand experiment. A place where World Showcase and Future World truly fit together. So, I'll leave you with EPCOT here. Enjoy the ride.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Keith Mahne said...

Thanks for the shout out Mark! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed Part 1 of a "Tale of Two EPCOTs". Your words truly resonate with myself and certainly serval others. Part 1 lead to a wonderful conversation recently with the great Marty Sklar. In that email my words to him are almost a carbon copy of what I read here. To me EPCOT is the core of WDW and I love the sense of nostalgia it brings. My convo with Marty on a picture of him that was included in the article mention above will be a new post I'm working on. Thanks again for sharing the link.

- Keith Mahne with DisneyAvenue.com

Mark Taft said...

Can't wait for the next segment, Keith!