January 27, 2015

One Day Only Imagineering Special: Space Mountain

Here we go again: I'm telling you lovers of Disney Imagineering concept art- keep your eyes on the official Disney Parks blog if you want to find some rarely seen pieces.

This time its Space Mountain and its 40th anniversary at Walt Disney World.  Posted awhile ago on their blog. 

Two caveats:

#1- Yes, we should be celebrating amazing, groundbreaking new attractions that have been built in recent years. But these exist overseas in the Asian parks or at California Adventure, not in Disney's Florida parks. 

#2- The concept art above is pretty cool, and although its more common than the other two, its a nice clear image here versus the one that showed up in park pictorial souvenirs in the 70s.

I've presented these pieces in the order you would experience the actual attraction. Top piece is a rendering of the mountain if it had contained an outdoor section. Look at it closely, and you'll see it. Even better blown up.

Next, riding the rockets with an attractive blonde. (Been there, done that- for 33 years! The benefit of working hard at your marriage and the Lord's grace upon it!)

Bottom piece: Post show mural when it contained RCA's look at the future. You know, when Tomorrowland was actually about the future and not filled with cartoon characters. I remember those days. Do you?

(Concept art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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