December 24, 2014

From My Family to Yours

As you pause and take time to relax before Christmas Day and all the festivities into the New Year, may you count your blessings and give thanks to God for every good thing! The best gift is that of His Son, Jesus Christ- the perfect sacrifice for the sins of man. My sins, your sins, and all who would believe in Him will be covered through His Blood. A gift of eternal life for all who would believe He was born, rose from the dead, and will return as King. In other words- the perfect gift that no one else could buy.

Thank you for another year of reading the blog...


juneaubiscuits said...

Thank you Mark for your heart felt and enjoyable posts in 2014! Looking forward to more in the new year. A blessed Merry Christmas to you and your family!

God bless & Aloha,

Mark Taft said...

And to you and yours, Len!