December 1, 2014

A New Film Rejected for Epcot's Norway

The Norway film that almost was. Next to 12 minutes detailing the stunning landscapes, architecture, and wild life of Norway. This was offered to the Walt Disney Company for free- to be placed in the small theater where Maelstrom deposited its guests. Check it out in full HD:

Naturally, Disney rejected the film as they were hell bent in putting in Frozen. The film would have been a beautiful update to the one that was in place since the pavilion opened years ago. 

Oh, what could have been!
(Thanks to SpiritofNorway on the WDWMagic Boards for the information.)


Lost_Pilgrim said...

Disney rejected the Norway film long before Frozen was ever made. So I don't think they rejected it because they wanted to put in an attraction for a movie that didn't exist yet. The 2 things are not connected.

Mark Taft said...

Very interesting! Thanks for keeping me updated!