September 1, 2014

Where Florida's Magic Kingdom Surpasses California's Disneyland

Florida's Magic Kingdom does beat California's Disneyland in three  specific attractions- all found in Tomorrowland and depicted in this piece of Imagineering concept art. 

1- The originally named WEDway Peoplemover leads the way in differentiating itself from all other Lands of the Future. At Walt Disney World, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority is one of my must-do attractions. An all time favorite, the breezy ride around the land provides a great view and a chance to relax as it dashes inside popular destinations. Riding silently along was always a great way to people watch. Unfortunately, the attraction is now just an abandoned, empty track in Anaheim. The gap it leaves means Tomorrowland is no longer a "World on the Move", instead a hodge podge mess of attractions without a unifying element. Further, no other versions exist in any Disney castle park anywhere.

2- Space Mountain is one huge building and wisely placed beyond the railroad that circles the Magic Kingdom. The dual tracks inside are only part of the appeal: It is also one of the many pieces of eye candy seen as you approach the park from the Seven Seas Lagoon or while riding the Monorail. Extra bonus- it looks phenomenal at night when viewed from the terrace of the California Grill over at the Contemporary Resort. The "blessing of size" plays to its strengths in this case.

3- The ability to actually race against other drivers on the Grand Prix Raceway puts Florida ahead of California. Isn't that part of the fun of being in a race car? Besides, driving the California Freeways is no longer something anyone in the state seems to enjoy. 

One extra:

4- The long gone Skyway. Man, I miss this attraction. I absolutely loved gliding over the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea lagoon when in Florida, and through the Matterhorn when in Walt's original kingdom. Whether it was Disney's legal eagles or the budgeteers that succeeded in getting these closed down, either way, it was a clear mistake.  

Even though Florida now contains a few toon attractions in their Tomorrowland, I find it a much more compelling and enjoyable part of the park than what can be found out West. Score one for the younger sibling.

Could there be more areas Florida's park is superior? Stay tuned...

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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