September 11, 2014

Honor the Heroes of 9/11

Remember this day. Even as we find ourselves on the brink of getting involved more than some of us ever thought. And definitely more than any of us would like.

It was a day of tragedy, but also a day for heroes! When radical Islam extremists decided to attack the United States of America on September 11, 2001, we as a people rallied together afterward. It was the right way to come together, grieve together, and pray together.

Let us remember. Pray for our nation, remembering the sacrifices of those serving,  the loss of family and friends. Let us preserve our freedoms- but do it with wisdom. Let us honor those who gave their lives instead of honoring and defending those who killed others. 

Christians overseas are being slaughtered. Children, infants, women and men alike. And we stand by or so it seems. Did we not learn anything from Hitler and World War II?

What other country in the world would care about the rights of terrorists when fighting a war? We have a right to defend our people, our land, and to come together with those of other nations experiencing the violent and deadly attacks that come against them.

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