September 15, 2014

Herb Ryman's Wedway PeopleMover

Imagineer Herb Ryman is best known in the "Disney World" for creating some of the most beautiful pieces of concept art. His work for Disneyland's New Orleans Square among his most loved creations. His art for EPCOT Center is just breathtaking! A quick search on this blog will reward you with some gorgeous pieces!

Herb was also known for his pen and ink sketches. Seemingly without much effort, he could turn out a concept that would surprise and delight. Look at this PeopleMover inspired art for Disneyland's 1967 Tomorrowland. It's a pretty good glimpse as to what was going to open, isn't it? If you look even closer, you'll find the artistic touch that sets his work apart from more modern day Imagineering concepts.  The PeopleMover cars themselves are emblazoned with a stylized "Wedway" on the exterior. A brilliant move that would not come to be but a lovely little touch nonetheless. 

In our current world, in this writer's opinion, Imagineers rely too heavily on their computers to generate the art used to sell or promote an idea. There are exceptions, but it is pretty rare. The human touch full of personality cannot be replaced. Furthermore, the popular trend of incorporating photographs of humans into the art is just lazy as well as ugly. It's art to depict parking lots. Oh for the days where great concepts were envisioned and great artists brought them to life!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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