August 15, 2014

Even More Shanghai Disneyland Art

Fireworks in the daytime? Thank the smog!

How the world has changed! If you would have asked the visionary  Walt Disney where he would place an international Magic Kingdom, my bet is China would be the last place on his mind... if an international park was on his mind at all. Yet, 60 years after the opening of Disneyland, the first Mainland China park will open within the anniversary of the first. Michael Eisner and team were visionary in a way suited to their era of leadership.

Every nighttime view of a Disney park makes it look fabulous.

If you keep your eyes open and think a bit creatively, it's becoming easier and easier to find leaked pieces of Imagineering art for this park. Whereas the Los Angeles Times was the source for the one below, unexpected places yielded their treasures. Much like when I first found the art for Dubai Disneyland a couple of months ago. (Yes, I really did remove it at the request of the firm who created it. But, shhh- it's still easy to find. Every single piece. Again, think creatively.)

Soon enough from pencil sketch to reality

After the relatively thump of low attendance upon the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland, it seems the Chinese officials wised up to the games of Robert Iger and company, and they started to demand more a better. It's a lesson guests to Walt Disney World should understand. After all, look what much publicity, fan complaints, and low attendance - with a push from the City of Anaheim- did in turning around California Adventure.

With Hong Kong Disneyland in their rear view mirror, more had to be promised, added, and especially unique to the Shanghai Disneyland park. Old favorites such as Space Mountain were discarded in favor of a Tron themed coaster. Johnny Depp's version of Pirates of the Caribbean and a land ironically once pitched to the suits of Hong Kong Disneyland, becomes the focus of one of two lands of Adventure. It's A Small World hasn't shown up yet and could be aded later. (Fear not for Hong Kong. With the overwhelming success of Mystic Manor and the coming Iron Man Experience with more on the way, the beautiful seaside land will be able to hold its own next to its larger and younger sister.)

What's a castle park with a beautiful castle?
Haunted Mansion is no where to be found, neither is Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Instead, suitable replacements will fill in the gap: Roaring Rapids, Soaring Over The Horizon, and the Enchanted Storybook Castle grotto attraction- which would be a surprise if it didn't have a villain or two along the way. An announced further investment into the park could bring an even more complete assortment of delights.

Stay tuned for the next round of Shanghai Disneyland Imagineering art. I was thrilled to find the Tomorrowland piece. I've posted it once. It's around here somewhere...along with those Dubai pieces all over the web.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Anonymous said...

Is it true there will be a "Pirates of the Coypright" attraction,celebrating the merry ways of the Chinese Industry?

Mark Taft said...

Dang funny!