June 20, 2014

For Die Hard Fans of Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter. She and brother Richard made some of the most beloved and hated music of the 1970s. As Carpenters (no "The"), the music flowed until 1983, when she died of complications of anorexia.

Arguably, one of their best albums was the A&M Records classic, A Song For You, containing five hit singles. The title track is a Leon Russell composition which no other singer has been able to perform as warmly or as convincingly. The disc is almost a greatest hits on its own as it also holds Top of the World, Goodbye to Love, and Hurting Each Other. Along with minor hit It's Going to Take Some Time, written by Carole King, and I Won't Last A Day Without You, the album was another smash, the third platinum release for the duo.

The photo session for the upcoming album included this shot- a beautiful portrait I had never seen previously. Enjoy in full size by clicking on it.

Each Carpenters album holds its treasures. Want to read about each one and their impact on this writer? A series going album by album, with musical history, tons of photos, and insights, can be found starting here. 


steve2wdw said...

Awesome album!

Mark Taft said...

I agree, Steve! It's a pretty great disc.