June 12, 2014

Da Mouse Does Harambe at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Aged to perfection. The most recent addition to Walt Disney World's mostly neglected Animal Kingdom theme park is so photo worthy. Almost on par with New Fantasyland over at the Magic Kingdom, the Harambe expansion shows what Disney can accomplish in little time when they want to do so. 

The new area houses The Festival of the Lion King, which belonged in Africa from the beginning, but was placed in Camp Minnie-Mickey to spread out the crowds. Now with Pandora / World of Avatar / Avatarland coming, the show got the boot.

There have been many photographs of the new area on many sites and blogs. I have to say Da Mouse provides one of the most detailed, comprehensive reports and with sharp commentary. Go to the link.

Imagineer Joe Rohde should be very pleased with this addition to arguably the most beautiful Disney theme park on US soil. Perhaps there is life after all- and a good one- for this long neglected gem.

(Photograph copyright Da Mouse.)

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