April 8, 2014

Notable and Quotable: Karen Carpenter

"It's like being haunted. It's the worst thing in the world."
Karen Carpenter, discussing anorexia

A quote from Ray Coleman's book on the Carpenters, The Untold Story, this quote from Karen stuns with its bluntness and stark portrayal of living with the deadly disease Anorexia. It wouldn't be too long after speaking to Mr. Coleman that Karen would pass away from this very disease.

I've seen too many friends struggle with all sorts of issues. Some admit they need help, and get it. Others never do. Please- if you know someone struggling, be courageous and lovingly come alongside them and speak truth. You'll never regret that you did.

And thank you, Karen, for your contribution to our world. You're remembered for much more than your illness.

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