April 18, 2014

Going Hardcore

Don't you love it when folks go hardcore? I mean when they put everything into what they are doing- heart, mind, and body. 

Every time the Walt Disney Company steps up and goes all in on a project, they please fans and stockholders alike. Cars Land shows full commitment. Tokyo Disney Sea brims with excellence, and you can almost see every yen spent in creating it. 

When a musician pulls off an excellent and celebrated album, they have a chance at superstardom versus just being popular when the public purchases the disc in droves. Michael Jackson's Thriller stands above most.

And let's talk sports here- a gifted athlete with a powerful team behind him/her can bring results on the scale of a Michael Phelps slam at the Olympics or a winning Super Bowl team. Hours of investment can yield incredible return.

This "win at all costs" mindset is what I love about Jesus Christ. Far from the whimsy blonde haired victim some portray him as, he accomplished the most difficult thing ever done: completing the job given to him by God the Father. Choosing to follow through and die for the sins of all men who would change their ways and embrace him- and then, when all hope seemed lost, raising again to life on the third day. 

He gave it all. His was a life devoted to pleasing God the Father. Nothing else mattered. Pleasing men never entered his mind, only saving them from eternal damnation. Religious leaders of the day were threatened by His passion, his boldness, his unearthly wisdom, and his unconventional manner. The crowds loved him.

Jesus pulled no punches and always spoke the truth, and He paid the price for it with his life. One day they are praising him in the streets during the most rustic of parades. The next, they are chanting for his crucifixion, mesmerized and manipulated by the authorities. Little did they know that this all played right into God's hand. 

Days later, the miracle of all miracles took place- and sin was conquered for all time. Hid body broken, bloodied, and scarred beyond recognition all for our benefit. Never the victim. Always the victor.

Totally hardcore.

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