March 15, 2014

Magic Kingdom Debuts Silver Castle

At first, I wasn't so sure I would like the plan to paint Cinderella Castle's turrets the color silver. I mean, after all, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom has had its blue turrets since 1971. But when I see the end result, it is magical. The perfect final touch to the New Fantasyland.

When the Imagineers repainted Disneyland's for the 50th, and it looked great. When the brown tones were added to the bottom of the castle at Tokyo Disneyland, the dramatic look was a plus. So, we should gracefully accept the changes in Florida to make each castle park unique.

The change looks great, and it is also, unfortunately, temporary. Seems the silver is an undercoat before adding the blue. Poster Mark Twain on the WDWMagic Boards created the illusion, taking one silver turret and changing the rest just for fun. 

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