February 26, 2014

Alien Encounter of a Different Kind

Were you lucky enough to experience Alien Encounter at Walt Disney World before its disappeared? It only lasted a fun ten years, but Did you know plans were almost approved to add this thrilling and scary (but very fun!) attraction to the line-up at Disneyland? It's true.

Here's a piece of Imagineering's concept art to prove it. 

Tomorrowland circa 1967 was a world on the move. With innovative attractions and transportation systems on and above the ground, it was the place to be seen- and to be watched. But time made sure this park's Tomorrowland started looking to much like todayland. This attraction was to be one of the stars of the renewed "Tomorrowland 2055". 

Why didn't the scary show make the cut? Two main events: the over budget Disneyland Paris and parent feedback from the frightening attraction already built at Florida's Magic Kingdom. Cold feet and lack of cash meant this alien would stay foreign to Disneyland - for good.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


steve2wdw said...

I also read (somewhere) that Imagineering was having a tough time squeezing the show into the DL Mission to Mars (Rocket to the Moon) theaters which were a tad smaller than the MK version. I was one of those "lucky" enough to see the show, many, many times. It was always a hoot to hear the reactions (screams) of those first time viewers. It was especially fun to be in the attraction during cheerleading weeks. My wife and I found their screaming, extremely amusing. Although a bit "dark" for the MK, it was very well done. The script was very well written, a fact that went over most guests heads. I miss AE and The Timekeeper.

Mark Taft said...

I miss those two attractions as well, Steve! The Timekeeper I was able to see again in Paris in 2007, but AE was something I only experienced once. My nine year old son laughed through the whole thing. What a great concept!