January 17, 2014

Favorite Disney Film Musical Moments

With the Oscar awards snubbing "Saving Mr. Banks", probably due to that nasty diatribe by Meryl Streep, but with all the love and a nomination given to Frozen, I thought it would be appropriate to take a quick look at some favorite musical moments in Disney animated films. The winners are (and in no particular order): 
  • "Jolly Holiday" Mary Poppins:

Not only is this the standout number in a groundbreaking film, this is the first scene where I understood what Bert saw in Mary. Who didn't want to jump into a chalk drawing and right into a fantasy world as beautiful?

  • "A Girl Worth Fighting For" Mulan:

As a husband, I love the take on Mulan's version of what makes a woman worthy of attention. I have to laugh- and do- at what the other soldiers' found desirable. I agree almost 100%, too, on all opinions expressed! In a great piece of filmmaking, the way this scene leads into the next is just powerful. Mulan is a highly underrated film. The story is terrific, the scenery incredible, and the characters very likable.

  • "Kiss the Girl" The Little Mermaid:

Sure, it would be a favorite pick from the film if I'd choose Howard Ashman and Alan Menken's enticing Under the Sea. Yet, I find this number has much more charm and leaves a lasting impression. Perhaps as Ursula says, a girl who holds her tongue gets her man. And, as a Dad, you just have to love a movie where the Father sacrifice's it all to save his daughter.
  • "Be Our Guest" Beauty and the Beast:

The follow up to the incredible success of Mermaid is my favorite animated film. I so relate to the Beast, as does main animator Glen Keane. (See his views on Beast here.) Although Beast is nowhere to be found in this clip, Be Our Guest always makes me think of our visits to Paris. My love for this city grows each visit, and I have plenty of photos on the blog to prove it.

  • "You Can Fly" Peter Pan:

Let me be honest, this song is now so strongly identified with Disneyland, that much like When You Wish Upon A Star, it's difficult for me to think of them in the context of the great classic films from which they come. Peter Pan remains a favorite, with its colors and whimsy.

  • "I See the Light" Tangled:

To all of you who adore Frozen, and I am one of you, I submit Tangled as a much better film with a stronger set of songs. Love the story arcs and twists found in the newer film, but the coming of age of Flynn Rider makes this as much a guy film as a princess one. The centerpiece, the "falling in love" song is "I See The Light". In this man's not always so humble opinion, it is the best piece of animation every created by the Company. Note to the Imagineers and the budgeteers: should you ever get the guts and the money to build a dark ride attraction on this film, I will show up immediately to see this scene presented. That alone would make your New Fantasyland worth the visit. You've built the village restrooms, now its time to really get creative and build an attraction!

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