October 11, 2013

It's a Small World- The Doll Arrives 25 Years Later

Many years ago, my youngest daughter fell in love with the can can dancer doll at Disneyland's classic It's a Small World. Every visit- and to the Golden Horseshoe for the Can Can actually- she had to point out the French dancing doll. That was a quarter of a century ago.

Now that she is a mommy and has her own newborn daughter, I knew it the minute I saw it- this was the gift I had to buy for both of them.

It arrived today in an amazingly crumpled box. Thanks, FedEx. The doll was uninjured. And beautiful. Even if a bit smaller than those found in the Fantasyland attraction, the face and smile were perfectly done.

So, now it sits in her room on top of my granddaughter's bookshelf- waiting for her to discover a bit of Disney magic when she's old enough.

Thank you, Disney Merchandise...

(Image copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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