August 4, 2013

Why Imagineering Themes Attractions to an Intellectual Property

OK, D23 is right around the corner- and so we hear the suits at Disney will give us a Star Wars land, Avatarland, and only God knows what else. Why? Here's a very short answer...

My nieces and nephews (ages 15,17,19, 22) from the midwest come back from two days at Disneyland Resort. I ask about their trip. The only attraction they mentioned and got excited about was Cars Land and Radiator Springs Racers. World of Color got a slight nod.

Returning home with good word of mouth to all their friends is worth more than talking about an attraction with little name value when it comes to drawing guests in.

Not that I like this approach, even though I think Cars Land is one of the best things Imagineering has accomplished since Indiana Jones Adventure, but it works- at least short term.

(Photograph by Mark Boster, Los Angeles Times.)

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