July 17, 2013

Tony Baxter's Discovery Bay

Long lost Imagineering projects always fascinate me- and this incredible piece of concept art for the never-built Discovery Bay is darn near top of the list when it comes to abandoned attractions for Disneyland

Soon to be Disney Legend Tony Baxter created this land to showcase a variety of thrilling new adventures. Island at the Top of the World was the newest film from Disney at the time. It was ambitious and flawed, a complete flop. Guess where this left Tony's pet project? 

Now relegated to the heap of artwork left behind- and right into the annals of projects that would never come to pass in their original form. Pieces would find its way into Disneyland Paris, however. Take a closer look by clicking on the top image.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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Of course a good idea never truly dies. It just gets recycled into another project. The name and several design elements of the Fireworks Factory shooting gallery became a BBQ restaurant at Pleasure Island at WDW in the Eisner Era. Long gone is the forced gaiety of the surreal "every night is New years Eve" theme at Pleasure Island...but.the original concept art lives on....