June 27, 2013

Not Top of the Class

Just saw Monsters University. It's a good film, full of heart and an interesting story, but something is missing. Certainly better than many things out there now, but given Pixar and their reputation for world class films, I was a tad bit disappointed.

Monsters Inc. is one of my most loved Pixar creations, so I was extremely excited to see more adventures with Mike and Sully. My wife thinks the lack of "door action" slowed the pace and interest of the film. Perhaps. I'm a bit more inclined to think it was the familiarity with the storyline, as the "opposites attract" buddy story is a staple of Hollywood films. 

The animation is top notch. The environments stunningly beautiful. John Goodman and Billy Crystal are terrific, but it's Helen Mirren as the dean that propels the plot in a way both harsh, blunt, and eventually with heart. No spoilers here. I will say the first half is a solid "A" grade film, and the second half still a solid "B".  The big question: Will I buy it on DVD? Perhaps...

(Art copyright Disney/ Pixar.)

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