May 20, 2013

Fixing the New Fantasyland

Love it, loathe it, or something in between, the Magic Kingdom's latest addition is here to stay. The New Fantasyland  aka Fantasy Forest etc. is the new model for that area of the classic Disney park. For now seen only at Walt Disney World.

Aesthetically, it is lovely to look at. I haven't been there yet, but on line photos and videos give a great sense of what has been accomplished. Ariel's Undersea Adventure is a solid "D" Ticket attraction in an "E" Ticket building- a direct clone of what was once a California Adventure exclusive. It's not a perfect old school classic, but it is enjoyable and draws in the younger crowd.

Belle's village charms, and a walk through attraction to meet her seems to satisfy to some degree. Just as The Little Mermaid's story is told through music, so is Beauty and The Beast told that way. But there's something missing with no music to be found. 

Time to dust off the plans for this attraction once proposed for Disneyland Paris. This old style Audio-Animatronic attraction similar to the Enchanted Tiki Room would complete the experience. Imagine Lumiere as our host with a cast of characters from the film entertaining us in song. I'd say that make a charming addition to the area.

As I said, this idea comes from an abandoned show once planned for Disneyland Paris. Location was already set, but financial strains changed the plans. If you look around the the castle, there's a little alcove with an area for an opening just wide enough for an attraction entrance. It would have been back in there.

Theater style Audio Animatronic shows may be too old-school for current thrill seeking audiences. But isn't Fantasyland just the place for them? If Mickey's Philharmagic can find a home in Florida, certainly this unbuilt gem can fit perfectly in the New Fantasyland.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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