April 17, 2013

Superman Flies

From the trailer, it looks like Henry Cavill might be a pretty good Superman. Certainly Amy Adams looks to be a better choice than any other Lois Lane before. But there's more to a good Superman flick than just two leads.

Will the story be compelling? Will the action be fun to watch and perpetuate everything a hero movie should be? Will we be challenged to live differently? To stretch beyond what we think we are capable of? These things make a blockbuster that captures our hearts. 

There's lots of heroes right now in our own world- like in Boston- and its the tales of their personal involvement in the midst of tragedy that inspire us to be more than we currently are.

Yes, the world's in need of a hero and a bit of an escape. I hope you're like me and that your faith doesn't rest in the tall tales of men...

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