April 25, 2013

Food and Merchandise Rule the Disney Parks Blog

Is it just me or does the Disney Parks Blog seem to be taking a definite turn towards pushing the dining and merchandise options in the parks? Seems more often than not, there's a plug for something new to buy, some dining experience, or even some new place to travel with either the Vacation Club, the Cruise Line, or such. There's less and less about what is actually happening at the parks themselves and more and more about movie promotion. I'm seeing a continual de-emphasis on the things we love about the parks to start with and why we go.

Of course, this just reflects the lack of continual "plussing" to the Disney Company's main resort: Walt Disney World.  Sure, there's some new and relatively minor additions. Yet, even the "largest expansion ever of the Magic Kingdom", the New Fantasyland puts its focus on dining and shopping versus good, old fashioned attractions. And in the bigger scheme of things, well, that's just greedy and evil.

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