April 1, 2013

Epcot Changes Name to Restaurot

Spice Road Table may be the name of the new Moroccan inspired water front eatery at Epcot, but the bigger news is the name change of this Walt Disney World park. With so many new places to eat in World Showcase and the lack of new attractions, the Disney Company finally revealed the park's new name: Restaurot.
For the price of park admission, guests are given the chance to reserve a place at the restaurants in order to pay once again for their meals. Impressive game plan at increasing revenue. 

The park name change may be an April Fool's joke, but the plan for Spice Road Table is not. Nor is this the end of turning what once was a groundbreaking experiment in Future thinking into another celebration of consumerism. "Rot" is in this park's present and future.

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