March 7, 2013

Insights and Sounds 5th Anniversary

Today marks the 5th Anniversary of the Insights and Sounds blog. When I began posting over 1,000 articles ago, I did not know what to expect. Almost immediately I found an audience. Folks with a love of Disney concept art, particularly for Disneyland and Epcot attractions; those interested at a look at Imagineering and the constant tinkering with the once abysmal California Adventure or the once still developing Animal Kingdom, people with a love for travel, music (especially Karen Carpenter) and the arts, found a "boutique" blog, that felt personal, friendly, and I hope, honest.

With time, I began to see it more like a network of friends I'd never meet, and I started to share more and more of my personal life. What an odd mix- and yet, somehow it works. I am one quirky man, and that is obviously reflected in what you read. (My family already knows that, and I know they stop by here time to time, even comment.)

In these years, I have changed quite a bit by the things you write. I've been challenged, chastised, and befriended. And I thank you for all of that.

There are many Disney focused blogs out there, and the official one will continue to provide items nothing unofficial can. Many writers have insider connections, better articles, or just more time to invest in building their readership. Like you, I read and appreciate so many of them. So I thank you for making time for this one.

My life is constantly changing as I embark on more adventures taking me into a life I never dreamed would be mine. I travel more for work and spend many more hours investing in the jobs I hold than I ever have in the past. It's very rewarding but it is so time consuming, No one but God knows the future, so I have no idea how long I will keep writing. For as long as I do, however, please know that I appreciate you and the feedback you give. Even those of you who comment anonymously...


sciortinodesign said...

Congrats on five years! Here's to another five+! (*lifts coffee mug in salute*)

sciortinodesign said...

Congrats on five years! And here's to another five+! (*lifts coffee mug in salute*)

Mark Taft said...

Thank you! (Lifts mug back and clinks!)