February 17, 2013

ReImagined Future World from the Imagineers

A couple of days ago, we showcased an unbuilt Mary Poppins' themed attraction for World Showcase at Epcot. How about an unbuilt attraction for Future World? I don't remember who sent this to me or where it came from, but I do find it fascinating! The "light screen" over Spaceship Earth looks spectacular. And to the right, is that the entrance to The Land or the Living Seas? Regardless, it's always fun to look at what never happened. Yet I'm so glad that the Imagineers keep dishing up concepts that surprise and (hopefully) delight.

2/17 Update: Apparently, this is Westcot, the proposed second theme park for California. Looked too grand for me to imagine it would be built next to Disneyland!

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


SWW said...

Hey Mark,

Hope you're well. Enjoyed your Paris travelogue.

The artwork here is a conceptual piece for WestCOT's central area, "SpaceStation Earth". An epic rendering.


Mark Taft said...

Ah, WESTCOT! It looked like too grand a vision to be California's second gate! Thanks!