December 4, 2012

The Future Returns to Epcot?

Test Track 2.0 makes its debut at Epcot this month, and from looking at the photos, all I can say is "WOW!"

If the experience holds true to what is presented, Walt Disney World's most original and interesting theme park could be headed back to the future.

Above, thanks to Alain Littaye of the wonderful Disney and More blog, is concept art depicting the new vehicles. I'll let you go to his site to see the rest of the pieces. Suffice it to say, I was impressed.

The actual photographs that can be found everywhere depict a very futuristic Tron like experience. Not a bad thing! But its the sleek exterior that matches the experience inside that excites me. Let's be honest, Mission:Space aside, the ring of pavilions that surround the stunning Spaceship Earth leave much to be desired. Boring. Dated. Left to rot ungracefully. This redo by the Imagineers and Chevrolet bring something fresh to the table.

Reminds me of the grand and gorgeous EPCOT Center at opening. Walt's Imagineers not only carried on without him, they created something they cannot repeat. A World's Fair environment as pleasing to the eye as the experiences and adventures it contained. Back at debut, the buildings were instant icons. And who didn't love what they found once they darkened the pavilion doors?

World of Motion, Journey into Imagination, The Land, Spaceship Earth, and Universe of Energy surrounded Communicore to create a sparkling new tomorrow. A hopeful, beautiful, inspiring place to explore. (And go ahead and sing the songs! You know you want to...) 

So, perhaps, just possibly, this is the beginning of a new stage, a new era. I'm skeptical, but I have to remember, this remake is coming from the same company that just designed Cars Land at a gorgeously remade California Adventure.  Here's hoping I'm right.

(Art copyright the Walt Disney Company.)

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