September 15, 2012

Disney Poster Art Book Worth the Price

The Poster Art of the Disney Parks just arrived at my doorstep. It's a perfect book for a long winter's day when dreaming about the parks is as close as its going to get for this Californian longing for home. 

It's certainly not full of text, although there's some good information to be found in it. It's really all about the art. There's plenty of it in full page glory. If you've a soft spot for the original Disneyland graphics and the classic attractions they represent, you will be very, very pleased. Epcot fans might be a bit disappointed, as will those for the 3rd or 4th Walt Disney World parks. Some on Tokyo (especially on the gorgeous Tokyo Disney Sea), many on Paris, a couple on Hong Kong, and absolutely nothing on Shanghai Disneyland

That said, it was to my delight that the posters of California Adventure 2.0 are found here- and even more delightful to find they were designed by the incredibly gifted Greg Maletic. All said, a worthy and beloved addition to my Imagineering collection.

(Art copyright the Walt Disney Company.)

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