May 9, 2012

Marvel Theme Park in California's Future

Marvel Theme Park, Marvel attractions, Marvel character shows? Marvel resorts? Bring it on!

Disney chief Robert Iger has confirmed that plans are moving right along to bring Marvel themed attractions to California. But I'll bet bigger and say he is bringing a third theme park to the Disneyland Resort.  The Imagineers are hard at work creating new attractions that thrill with characters America and the world have embraced for generations. The spectacular success of The Avengers is paving the way.

Due to restrictions, you won't see a Disney / Marvel park in Orlando. Universal's Islands of Adventure retains the rights to the characters for the East Coast parks. Spidey is see, for now.

Ups and downs? Westcot will not be built. Ups? The West Coast will finally rally for first place with Walt Disney World when looked at from a parks only mindset. With a stale Animal Kingdom, an out of focus Disney Hollywood Studios, California will easily compete on a park to park basis with Florida.

Until the New Fantasyland opens at the Magic Kingdom, there's only a handful of Disney park lovers that would rate it above Walt's Original Kingdom. Epcot is pretty special but now its focus is on selling meals and entertainment not amazing attractions.

The revitalized California Adventure is moving beyond a "best of all the other parks" perspective to finally becoming something incredible on its own. When the third park does open, Marvel attractions will provide the thrills originally intended for the second gate but with great theming as well.

California's theme park standing just moved up and by quite a margin!
(Art copyright Marvel and The Walt Disney Company.)

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