April 17, 2012

Our Day Will Come: Ruby, Karen, and Katharine McPhee

Not a huge fan of the television show Smash, but since it comes on right after The Voice, I do watch it for the musical content. Not a fan of theater drama and all the cattiness the show displays. Temperamental actors and all! Too over the top. That said...

I must hesitatingly admit, American Idol's Katharine McPhee and Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Davenport make it interesting. But this musical number by Katharine was been surprisingly good. Her take on (take your pick) Ruby & The Romantics/Karen Carpenter's "Our Day Will Come" - just terrific. I will download it when it becomes available.

Having Karen's version in the car on a compilation for the last few months, and remembering Ruby's vocals, makes me appreciate the nuance's in Katharine's performance.

Nuance? Yes. Katharine has been known from the beginning of her television career as pushing the over the top sex symbol side of her at the expense of her lovely voice. Yet, last night's performance of the tune (in Marilyn Monroe get up) gave to it a breathy silkiness you'd expect if Olivia Newton-John covered it during her heyday. It's a nice contrast to Ruby's throaty version and Karen's smooth and creamy vocals. All three have great backing tracks as well.

Adding another tune to my collection...

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