August 14, 2011

Shanghai's Fantastic Fairytale Castle

Editor's Note: Come back tomorrow for a unique trip report. A Walt Disney World visit almost 20 years after the last one! Incredible!

Really?! This is the name of the castle for Shanghai Disneyland?... "Fantastic Fairytale Castle". So generic. So unimaginative. So marketing driven. According to this article by the People's Daily, that is the name of the beautiful edifice soon to debut on Mainland China. It's about as charming as using "Mischievous Rodent" for the name of The Walt Disney Company icon.

(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)


Ezra David Haith said...

I think that something's been lost in the translation. Notice that Tom Staggs' name came out as "Thomas Steig".

Mark Taft said...

You may be right! I did notice the misspelling of Tom's name as well.