August 6, 2011

Concept Pieces for Adventure Thru Inner Space

Time for a Disneyland gem: Adventure Thru Inner Space premiered on August 5, 1967. It was one of several new attractions for the revamped land, making Tomorrowland truly a world on the move.

The PeopleMover cruised through this land, giving guests a tour of all the new attractions by weaved in and out of each building. The unique views of Adventure Thru Inner Space enticed guests to hop off the brand new transportation system and turn around and queue for a fantastic adventure aboard an Atomobile.
Journeys into the world of a melting snowflake made for a dynamic attraction as riders viewed molecules, orbiting electrons, and eventually the nucleus itself in very dark and cool showrooms. A somewhat psychedelic sounding musical score enhanced the atmosphere. Made for a great escape on a hot summer day! As you can tell from the sketch above and the more finished concept art at the top, the Disney Imagineers created a powerful draw of an attraction- especially for teens clamoring for a little intimacy with their dates!(Art copyright The Walt Disney Company.)

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