June 1, 2011

Call to the Islands of Adventure

The weather outside is wonderful, signaling it is time for some thrilling theme park adventures! For any park lover, it is the time of year to celebrate a season of fun. Where to go? Where to go?

As much as I would love a quick trip to California to see the revamped Paradise Pier and Ariel's Undersea Adventure, the reality is it won't happen until the Fall at the earliest. There's not too much going on at Walt Disney World. Maybe for the 40th starting October 1, but until then, it is business as usual.

What about Universal Orlando? In some ways, it might just be my first choice this year. Harry Potter and his Forbidden Journey still seems like the E ticket to end all E tickets, and I have never been to the Studios. Could be a blast, but maybe it is just not enough to take my money in 2011. 

Perhaps I need to wait until the following year of two when Disney opens up some things worth seeing.

That said, if Figment made a big splash of a return with Dreamfinder, I'd just have to find the cash pronto!

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